Jingletown – Oakland Artist Community

The history of Jingletown begins with its name, originating from a habit of nearby mill workers, largely males of Azorean Portuguese background, who would jingle the coins from a week’s work in their pockets as they walked to display their prosperity. In 1998, the neighborhood began a massive redevelopment, becoming home to an award-winning affordable housing project that has helped to revitalize the community.

Jingletown Mosaic


Jingletown is thriving as one of the fastest growing arts districts in the San Francisco Bay area. An organization called the Jingletown Arts & Business Community (JABC) is the main representative of the art community. In 2003 a building boom began in Jingletown, with several local developers building approximately 150 condos, lofts and townhomes on and near the Estuary waterfront, creating a new character to the area with its mix of new and old homes, commuters and residential artists. The neighborhood is also home to the Institute of Mosaic Art, and walking through the neighborhood, you can see manymosaics displayed on buildings sprinkled throughout the neighborhood. Jingletown is also the location of Green Day‘s JingleTown Recording.

Institute of Mosaic Art



IMG_2733IMG_2734IMG_2735IMG_2736IMG_2737IMG_2738IMG_2739IMG_2740IMG_2741IMG_2743IMG_2744IMG_2745IMG_2746IMG_2747IMG_2748IMG_2749Jingletown is a pocket arts community adjacent to the Oakland Estuary, bounded by the Park Street and Fruitvale Bridges which connect Oakland to the City of Alameda. It is part of the area called Fruitvale (formerly, Brays and Fruit Vale) in East Oakland. There are a large number of working artists living in the converted lofts that predominate in the area. It is located about two miles southeast of Lake Merritt.

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Japanese Garden

Photos from my visit to Earl Burns Miller, Japanese Garden in Long Beach, CA.

The garden is a hybrid art form that combines typical elements of Japanese garden design within the context of its Southern California location, and the vision of its founder. Earl and Loraine Miller shared a passion for the outdoors, and gardening in particular. Their belief in the importance of education to self development and their health and wellness-centered philanthropy continues through the CSULB International House, the EBM Japanese Garden, Miller Children’s Hospital and other projects supported by the Earl B. and Loraine H. Miller Foundation. To learn more about the garden and its history, visit their website at http://www.csulb.edu/~jgarden/index.html

Beautiful Flowers in Spring

It’s spring once again, my favorite time of the year. The flowers are blooming, the weather is not too hot nor too cold. What a beautiful season! It just rained in 2 consecutive days and the sun came out today. Clouds will hide the sunshine from time to time but the rain is gone. I took pictures of the flowers in our garden for all of us to enjoy.

Spring flower

Rose bud